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Private Classes

Foundation Class

Principles of Balance,
Ying and Yang , movement and stillness,
Essentials Curriculum.
Preliminary Skills - Solo practice.

Advanced Class

Perfect Your Form

Posture 1 and 2 , Da Lu solo practice.

Intermediate Class

Tai Chi Form Practice

Posture 1 - 6.
Detailed study and fluent practice.
Internal dynamics Qiqong exercises.

Qiqong Class

Alignment , softness and grounding to develop a strong root to relax and build the body's internal strength.

Soft , gentle dynamic movements to build and cultivate calmness , alignment of body and mind, and increased energy.

Advanced Class

16 Posture Form

The goal of this class is to help develop an attitude of commitment, responsibility, perseverance, confidence, strong will and deep practice and training over one year.

Private Lessons

One to One Personal Training

Private Tuition only, weekend availability.

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