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David Marshall is ranked as Chief Instructor in Yin Cheng Taiji and has been teaching and training for 22 years continuing on a lineage of traditional Wu Style Taiji from Grandmaster Jeffrey J Guiffre and Grandmaster Wang Pei Sheng. David is also certified as a Master Qiqong practitioner by Monk In Sung Choi of Korea since 2017.


Qiqong and Taiji

5 Elements Golden Light Meditation

Wudang Qiqong

Wu Style Taiji

Novice Monks Lighting Candles

Qigong Standing Post , mind and body cultivation to relax energize and balance.

An introduction to the 16 Posture Taiji Form.

Please see class description for more details of class choices.


David Marshall is a native of Dublin and has travelled the world training in Tai Chi and continues a lineage of traditional teaching into the 21st Century.



Where are classes located?


Do I need to be at a certain athletic level to train?

No experience necessary , Tai Chi is a practice based art. First you learn to relax, balance and use your mind to direct the movements.

What to wear and bring to classes

Wear loose comfortable clothing , bring water and comfortable shoes to class.

Explanation of the different aspects to internal training.

Ideas = Feelings = movements follow!

Neigong - seated meditation
Qiqong standing meditation
Taiji ( Tai Chi) Moving meditation

Do I need to be at a certain athletic level to train?

Class consists of warm up exercises followed by standing and moving meditation.

Beginner level to participate.

Practice helps one to relax and achieve more fluidity , no experience or fitness level needed initially.

37 Posture Book and course information

to deepen practice and learn history of the Art.

Class structure / format

Classes are orally thought. David will lead the class with clear concise descriptions of the movement and class participants mindfully follow the instructions over time to deepen their own practice.

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